A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Tired of the 40 hour MetroidVania slog?

Collecting all the power-ups to finally claim the treasure and face the big bad guy is great, but let's say you only have about ten minutes.

They said it couldn't be done, and it probably shouldn't have, but here's the game you've all been asking for... the MetroidVania that is just the beginning part where you have all the powers already and you just have fun messing around in a new world.

What does this world have to offer?

Plunge down into the depths of a forgotten temple's ruins in search of the Llama's Idol, but beware The Llama's Wrath!

Multiple paths to the end and the many dangers that await you offer players a satisfying mini adventure with plenty of enemies to fight and secrets to find.

Classic platforming action, double jump and sword slash your way to find the Llama's Idol, and then dash away quickly to escape before The Llama's Wrath catches you!


Llamas_Wrath_PC.zip 83 MB
Llamas_Wrath_Mac.zip 92 MB

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